I design lighting for runway fashion shows. I started working in New York as a lighting designer for theater and dance in 1995, and I got a great opportunity six years later to work for Rob Strohmeier, who has designed lighting for fashion for quite a while. In 2001, I started designing for one of the venues in Bryant Park, and I completed my sixteenth and final season in Bryant Park in February 2010. Along the way, I figured out what I was doing. I designed the lighting for a lot of offsite shows. I stopped working for other people and started working for my own company, Prospect Lighting Design, Inc. In September 2010, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week moved to Lincoln Center, and my new venue there is called the Studio Tent.

Additionally, I design the lighting for a number of shows in New York that are off the main site during fashion week, as well bridal and resort shows. I’m also the lighting designer for Colombiamoda, Colombia’s largest fashion week, which is held in MedellĂ­n each July. Here’s a direct link to the photos from 2011.

Dave Overcamp

Dave Overcamp (I'm the guy with the light meter)

I started photographing my work fairly early on, but my camera wasn’t very good and neither were the pictures. They improved over time, and I have decent photos of a lot of shows. I am gradually posting more as time goes on. Shows are posted with the original date and time as the date of publication, so everything is in chronological order. All pictures on this website (except the one on this page) were taken by me during the actual show.

I think it bears mentioning that an amazing team of people come together to make this lighting happen every season, and I consider myself lucky to have worked with a succession of talented electricians, programmers, and riggers over the years.